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A rocking sheep "Bicka" is a likeable toy that suits in every home. The strength of wood and the softness of the wool invite you to touch it. Playing with the rocking sheep encourages imagination and addresses children to play with natural materials. The local woods of linden, maple, ash and walnut with black "Bicka" spread the energy of the mountain environment in which the wood grew. Soft sheep skin radiates warmth.

Rocking sheep “Bicka” white

Children's wooden rocking chair with a seat from sheepskin
  Excl. Tax: 106,56 €
Incl. Tax: 130,00 €


"My white sheep / Beautiful and happy / nods with her head / That she loves me ..."

Our sheep "Bicka" nodds the head most cheerfully when it happy children are rocking on it. White sheep rocking chair is made of local light woods, designed playfully but simple, yet firm enough for a boisterous children’s play. The seat is made of sheep skin of local Jezersko-Solčava sheep breed and adds softness and warmth to the toy.

"Bicka" is also suitable as a decoration in a larger space. It will surely tempt adults as well. For the little ones, it is accompanied by a story about Solčavska Bicka.

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Material:local light wood, the seat is made of sheep skin of local Jezersko-Solčava sheep breed
Weight:9 kg
Dimensions:   96 x 72 x 50 cm

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