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Info centre Karavanke / Karawanken, Mežica / UNESCO Globalni Geopark

Podzemlje Pece, d.o.o.
Glančnik 8, 2392 Mežica
Tel.:(0)2 870 01 80
[email protected]

INFO CENTRE Karavanke/ Karawanken

Mežica / UNESCO Globalni Geopark

The info centre of cross-border Karavanke Geopark is located in Mežica at the entrance point of the Tourist Mine and the Peca Underground Museum. It is a place where visitors to the Peca Underground are welcomed and inspired to visit other landmarks of Karavanke Geopark, which are presented on an interactive screen, on posters or on film. A part of the centre is also a multi-purpose hall for various events, from workshops for children to exhibitions and other social gatherings. It houses an authentic blacksmith's workshop and displays a collection of the most remarkable minerals found in Mount Peca.


Podzemlje Pece, d.o.o.
Glančnik 8
2392 Mežica
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