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Info Center Black Olm, Jelševnik (Črnomelj)

Info Center Black Olm
Jelševnik 8, 8340 Črnomelj
Tel.: +386 (0)31 632 636
[email protected]


Jelševnik (Črnomelj)

It is located at the source of Jelševnik on the Zupančič homestead, where black olm regularly appears in the springs during nighttime feeding. On the patio of the homestead, visitors can view an interactive presentation of the black olm, its habitat and its threats. They can walk along the wooden path around the Jelševnik spring to the observation tent, where one can observe the black olm in nature using IR technology. Visiting of the info center is only upon prior arrangement. Guided tours last for one hour, and school groups are welcome to conduct a field trip at the homestead.


Info Center Black Olm
Jelševnik (Črnomelj)

Jelševnik 8
8340 Črnomelj

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